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      They have goals they are striving to reach. For example, their goal is to have 85% of the world’s population living in a city by 2050 with a population density equal to living in a sardine can. Think about that. 85% of the people on the planet will be packed like a sardine in a city. So you say to yourself, I’m not moving; I don’t care what they say; I hate cities. They can’t force me to go where I don’t want to be. Yes, they can and they are by gradually manipulating circumstances which will coerce you into the city. And here’s how they are subtly, at times almost imperceptibly eliminating  your options, one by one.

       One of the biggest factors and easiest ways to manipulate people is to crash the economy which eventually forces people to be at the mercy of the government.  Oliver Twist said, “Please sir, more porridge”. Crashing economies worldwide has thrown millions of people into the poor house, who now find themselves rummaging through garbage cans for a crust of bread. Just look at Greece to see what is on the horizon for America et al. The moneychangers who have the power to print money out of thin air, utilizing their bought and paid for useful idiots can and will do whatever they please.

      Here is just a sample of some of the tactics they employ:

  • Telling you that you can no longer do what you want on any of your property that lies within 300 feet of the border of a creek or stream that runs near your property,

  • Or the occasional puddle that forms after it rains is now classified as a wetland and you must now comply with all the wetland requirements,

  • Or the EPA will ban most wood stoves

  • Or they will force you to have your septic system checked every 6 months to make sure it is up to the standard and the standard will be changed so that every six months your septic system will no longer meet the standard and that will cost you thousands to correct,

  • Or they will ban septic systems 

  • Or you live in the desert and they will begin to use the  “nuisance abatement team” NAT (with you being the nuisance) to cite you with all kinds of “code” violations like:

  • Or having a broom on your front porch,

  • Or  your bushes are too high,

  • Or you have a motor home on your property,

  • Or you have two cars in your driveway  and only one belongs to the person whose name is on the deed to the property, the other is your son’s car who just happens to live with you,

  • Or they will simply tell you to get off your property. They’ll tell you that you can own it, but not live on it,

  • Or the county you live in will decide to no longer pave most of the roads in your county  and eventually they’ll be just rutty dirt roads which will devalue your property (who wants to buy a property inaccessible to them?),

  • Or they will create arbitrary Urban Growth Boundaries  which will prevent you from developing or selling off or using any of your land the way you desire,

  • Or they will add HOT lanes so it makes it much costlier to travel on a road if you don’t have the required number of passengers in your vehicle,

  • Or they will use traffic calming techniques to make your commute miserable and longer so you’ll say, I think I’ll move closer to work,

  •   Or they’ll ticket you for washing your car in your own driveway,

  • Or they’ll claim that highways were racist and unjust because White people left the cities and went to live in the suburbs so they will begin to force people back into the cities using restrictive zoning ordinances, punitive code violation fines including liens, and seizure to rob people of the peaceful enjoyment of their property.

      Their goal is to eliminate people living in suburbia ( except for them) and to create an urban hell for all.  And they’ll even ban cars to prevent your escape…



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