Code Enforcement–A Revenue Scam

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           What kind of stuff does code enforcement do?  Take your money, destroy your life savings (if you have any), destroy the “peaceful enjoyment” of your private property, drive you into the poor house, take your property and destroy your health. On and on it goes and where does it end…it doesn’t.  The town, the developers, and the attorneys all work together to pick your pockets. Why? Because the master plan aka UN Agenda 21 dictates that owning private property must be abolished. Except, of course, for the handful of people who rule over us.  Naturally they have many minions shills working for them (some get what’s really going on, some don’t), but they are just useful idiots and will be discarded eliminated when they are no longer useful. This master plan would never get to first base if there was not a cabal controlling the money   who were able to bribe politicians to create laws that benefit their agenda. Always follow the money, therein lies the truth.

      So what kinds of code violations are people cited for? Anything from A-Z such as: being fined for a boat that does not belong to you, harboring insects, flying flags, brooms left on your front-porch,  your grass is one inch too tall, having a permitted trailer in your own driveway,  having a permit that the town loses, having two cars in your driveway and one of them belongs to your son whose name is not on the property deed, not cutting grass on property you no longer own,  and on and on. Watch the videos (linked below) made by Christine Marfut who resides in Florida. The issues described in the videos are happening all across this nation.  Code enforcement in Longboat Key and North Port, Florida are two areas Christine mentioned. I had several people on my radio show talking about what happened to them. For other posts and podcasts related to code search the term Faceoff on this website. Google “code enforcement unfair” and you’ll find all kinds of examples. Here’s one article with 6 examples (scroll down to page 2 and begin reading).

Here is the link to Christine Marfut’s you tube channel. Watch the short videos she has posted.

America we’ve got a real, big problem.


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