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      Are you sure? You’re willing to risk your life for. . . what? For whom? Your country needs you? To do what? To massacre innocent, defenseless people? Why? Is your country at risk? Or do you have your country confused with the corporation in Washington, D.C… the U.S. Government, Inc.? Are you willing to forfeit your life and possibly your soul in blind obedience to the government? Are you willing to become a human guinea pig to the Military/ Industrial/ Pharmaceutical complex? You will. . . if you go to war.

              This section will examine accounts of the U.S. Government/U.S. Military exploitation of its property: G.I. Joes and Janes (government issue) who wear identification declaring them dogs. . . as in Dog Tags hung by chains around their necks, bearing a name and Social Slavery number. We will also consider acts of senseless violence committed by individuals known as US/UN peacemakers / peacekeepers, “just following orders”.

When we take a look at the atrocities that have been and are still being committed against U.S. soldiers — in all branches of the military — it boggles the mind. A few examples, include:

  • biological and chemical agents sprayed on and injected into unwitting ‘participants’;
  • the deadly use of depleted uranium (DU) in clothing and other articles;
  • Gulf War Illness that has crippled and killed hundreds of thousands of vets, while wreaking havoc on their offspring;
  • the deliberate attempt by Israel — with the help of the U.S. military, and the continued cover-up by the U.S. Government, including the Congress — to sink the USS Liberty, killing and wounding hundreds of sailors;
  • forced vaccination of troops with anthrax vaccine declared unsafe for the civilian population; and
  • an endless list of crimes against and by both draftees and enlisted personnel.

Men – and now women – have been and are being victimized by a government they believe to be ‘their government who loves them’, as in: “My Government would never hurt me! I love My Government! My Government loves me!”  

No. The government does not love us.  Our Heavenly Father loves us.

A government is a ‘which’, not a ‘who’; the word ‘government’ is a noun, a thing… not a person. Governments do not — cannot — love.

A government is a fiction, made by man, staffed by men and women… most of whom do not love. Love is of Creator. Evil is not of Creator. Evil is not the opposite of love, for what is Real has no opposite. Evil is the absence of love, as darkness is the absence (not the opposite) of light. Man does not — cannot — create outside of, nor apart from his Creator. Governments are made, not created.

The U.S. Government, Inc. (it is in fact a corporation), is not worthy of trust nor love nor allegiance, for those holding and controlling the reins of the U.S. Government, Inc. are obsessed with attaining only one goal: World Dominion. An important aspect of the plan for World Dominion is reduction in the world’s population.

How they intend to accomplish the goal is a slowly, steadily unfolding envelope of past events coming into the light of our awareness. If we know the truth of the past, the present is understandable, and their projected future for us is discernible. The future for us in their overall plan is a system of master and slaves. And they do not treat their slaves well, as we are witnessing.

I’ve spoken with men who described the gut-wrenching pain of discovery when the evidence is too great to continue a lifetime of ignorance and/or denial. Their awakening is often a two-fold experience: along with the grievous acts of evil inflicted upon them, the predominant realization seems to be the lies they have been told that would seduce them into killing and maiming innocent men, women and children in foreign lands that pose no threat to America.

They suddenly understand that there is little difference in the acts of evil committed against them while in the service of their ‘beloved and trusted government’, and the crimes they personally have committed against humanity. Some have killed their fellow Americans ‘in the line of duty’.

Through media mind control and military indoctrination these young men were convinced that they were fighting for ‘their country’; fighting for the freedom and liberty of those they were killing, when in fact they were literally killing and dying in defense of the New World Order.

“It has occurred to me that any time any person in the military kills another person — unless they kill in defense of the nation — it is murder. There is never any other reason to go to war. When I was in Vietnam I became a murderer. A murderer! I committed murder, and I repent of it today. I do not understand how I allowed myself to believe that what I was doing was good and noble.

“And today, we have the U.S. military spread into a hundred-forty or more countries all doing the same thing. . . committing murder.” M.Payne – former marine and Vietnam veteran; Mt. Airy, N. Carolina

One needn’t physically kill to be part of the killing. Every thoughtless individual who supports the current neverendingwar, or who works for the war effort by virtue of his or her vocation, avocation or religion, regardless the perceived separation by distance, is voluntarily taking part.

Our responsibility then, when we know the truth, is to choose rightly. It is always a matter of individual choice, and if that choice leaves us feeling isolated from the masses, or our very dearest friends and family members… so be it.

The dilemma for young people is and has been the forced registration (link coming soon) of the draft. They are warned that:

“Failure to register, or otherwise comply with the Military Selective Service Act is, upon conviction, punishable by a fine of up to $250,000, imprisonment for up to five years, or both.”

Once they have registered, they are treated as property of the U.S. Government, required ‘by law’ to report their whereabouts until such time as they have passed the draft age. In this section we will look at the ‘laws’ that allegedly leave no choice.

Many poorly educated and jobless young people enlist today, bartering four years of their young lives in return for food, shelter and clothing, along with the enticement of furthering their education with government funding. Even the possibility of being killed in the neverending war is no deterrent because they see no other way out of the poverty at home.

The international bankers’ “planned economy” via the NAFTA (1993) and GATT/WTO (1994) has handily eliminated industry and millions of jobs in America in order to provide their mercenary army with youngsters groping and hoping for some semblance of ‘security’. Lest you believe our present situation has all happened by a natural course of events, consider this:  

The July/August, 1993 issue of Foreign Affairs, featured an article by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., titled Back To The Womb?, in which the author asserted that:

“In defense of the World Order. . . U.S. Soldiers would have to kill and die.

. . . We are not going to achieve a New Order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money.”

Be very clear that the blood shed will not be — has never been — the war-makers’ blood. The hapless warrior who kills and dies for the New World Order is the pawn in this deadly game.

Foreign Affairs is the flagship publication of the Council on Foreign Relations. It didn’t occur to Mr. Schlesenger that Americans would refuse to kill and die for the World Order, because plans for our economic demise were being layed as the article was written… the NAFTA was passed through the U.S. House on November 17, 1993. The U.S. Senate passed it on Saturday, the 20th, during quarter and half-times of a hot football game they were watching in the cloak room.

After you have read the information in this section consider once more the question: “So… you want to go to war?” …

— Jackie —


November 2, 2002


Read more here:

 Jackie Patru’s article was written in 2002…how many places are we “at war” with now??? Isn’t it time you asked yourself who the “real” enemy is?






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