Who were the Bolsheviks aka “Reds” and what do they have to do with gun control?

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Who were the Bolsheviks?  It is CRITICAL that you know who they were. Read what Captain Schuyler wrote to Colonel Barrows in 1919 below. He was there and he tells you.


Why do so few people know anything about who they were? 

They control all media and education. JP Morgan purchased the top 25 newspapers  in 1917 so they had control of everything printed.


Make sure you watch the video in the article above.

How many did they kill?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated 66 million in Russia alone.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn talks about it in his final book “Our 200 Years Together” which was never published in English (Amazing isn’t it, they wouldn’t publish a Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s book in English so all the English speakers could read this great man’s thoughts), but thankfully a few of the chapters have been translated. Read them below.


Who is leading the call for gun control today?

Look here

Does it matter?

You decide.

So what did the Bolsheviks do before they started murdering millions?

Gun control.

Does history repeat itself?


Are the Bolsheviks here now?

What do you think?

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