Thursday Nov 1st Carol Schultz The cat is where it’s at!

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Thursday Nov 1st

           The International Property Maintenance Code is the version of property maintenance code being used all across the nation ( and world). Local jurisdictions cite property owners with a myriad of violations based on this code.  Most people never heard of it. I never did until a couple years ago. Carol Schultz now knows about it. She has been a haven for discarded cats in her Illinois home for 40 years. The code commies are out in force and targeting her and her cats. They want them GONE! But funny thing, that rule only aplies to her. Hmm. Code commies need to go. It’s time to start pointing the finger at these crooked SOB’s and do something about it.

“…Were just a local non-profit small group of people who volunteer our time & money because we believe that animals deserve protection against the wrongs of abandonment, starvation, disease & cruelty….”’Guardian-Angels-Feline-Rescue Carol is also author of the book entitled, Memoirs of a Midnight Flower.

Listen to the sounds of yesteryear as you travel back in time on a journey through the 1950’s, which would be unimaginable to those of us who never lived through it.

Based on the inspirational true story of some of life’s unbelievable twists of fate, and the bittersweet reflections of a youngster growing up in the ‘50s, whose life had been touched by tragedy that could have taken many different paths.

As the veil of secrecy is slowly lifted and removed, you’ll become acquainted with the guardian angels that are placed here on earth to protect, and watch over us.

Witness the awakening of an understanding that began when a ten-year-old child, survives from a spiritual death with the help of a valiant spirit who guides her through life, and into a spiritual journey of acceptance.

Finally, journey on a spine-chilling ride in the “ Phantom Car of German Church Road,” to one of the most horrific murders in Chicago’s history, and even after four decades, still remains undiminished in its brutality and horror, as it mesmerized the entire city, of the unsolved murders of two teenage sisters who were last seen near the Brighton Park Theater, on the evening of December 28, 1956.

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