Friday October 5th Larry Hohol Police brutality & DOJ “guidelines”.

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Friday October 5th

 Larry Hohol author of The Luzerne County Railroad joins me to discuss the corruption which abounds throughout our judicial system. Does one rotten apple spoil the hole barrel? Perhaps not, but it does taint it.  Listen in as Larry  lays out what happened to Robert Leone who became another victim of corruption. Larry describes it as “worse than Rodney King”. Watch the video Larry created exposing the brutal assault Robert suffered at the hands of corrupt Pennsylvania State Police who thus far, have gotten off scott free. Robert was brutally beaten by thug state troopers for over eleven hours which included being tasered more than ten times, and being taken to the hospital twice for the injuries he sustained.  

         The DOJ says this crime doesn’t meet their “guidelines”. Doesn’t meet their guidelines? Exactly what  “guidelines” allow thugs, masquerading as “law abiding” police officers, to assault citizens with impunity. And the only comment the “defense” lawyer made, who was suppose to be defending Robert against the  24 trumped up  charges lodged against him was, “the defense rests”. Corruption, collusion and criminality is pervasive. Who will stop it? No one but you.

 Please spread this info far and wide. You could be next. His book and other info. The video of Robert Leone is located here.


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