Monthly Archives: September 2012

Thursday September 6th John Kotmair& Mike Nixson Silenced “free” speech…

Thursday September 6th  John Kotmair and Mike Nixson from Save-A-Patriot Fellowship joins me to discuss his battle with our Government. His fellowship is Save-A-Patriot This is the website for the book John wrote.  A judge placed a gag order on him to prevent … Continue reading

Wednesday September 5th Rev. Ted Pike Is truth racist?

Wednesday September 5th  Rev. Ted Pike joined me to discuss his latest articles on racism and crimes. You can find them here    

Tuesday September 4th Smart meter push back

Tuesday September 4th  Chris from Vegas joins me to discuss his fight against the smart meters being installed in his neck of the woods. Do something, don’t just sit there.

Monday September 3rd Water and dogs…

Monday September 3rd  Hr 1  Terry Backs joins me to continue our discussion of the water fight brewing in Montana, only few Montanans know about it, but they soon will. Her website where you can find tons of info is … Continue reading

Sunday September 4th Truth is hate…

Sunday September 4th The truth is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH. I did a little truth redistributin’. And I sang the “racist” song.