Monthly Archives: April 2012

Thursday April 12 Horus exposes the “pink” rabbits…

Thursday April 12 Hr1  Horus The Avenger joins me to discuss the role the “pink” rabbits are playing in the demise of the “white” rabbits. Find out how to fight back against the “pink” rabbits here  Hr2 Dr. Paugh … Continue reading

April 11th Paul Fromm Crossing the “red” sea…

April 11th I filled in for John Stadtmiller on The National Intel Report and Paul Fromm joined me to discuss free speech or the lack thereof.  Paul is involved with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Council of Conservative Citizens … Continue reading

Wednesday April 11th Debbie Coffey Wild horses can’t drag us away…

Wednesday April 11th  Debbie Coffey citizen journalist joins me today to discuss what is happening with so called “invasive species” and the torture our wild horses are being subjected to under the auspices of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). … Continue reading

Tuesday April 10th Dr. Carley Vaccines or disease which came first?

Tuesday April 10th  Dr. Carley joins me to discuss vaccines and disease. Which came first??? Find out more info at her website and  

Monday April 9th Thought crimes…down the rabbit hole we go

Monday April 9th  Zion Crime Factory was my guest today. We discussed The Bolshevik Revolution, who they were and why is it so few people know the truth.  We discussed Zionism. We also discussed those nations that have made questioning issues … Continue reading

Friday April 6th Dr. Coffman Progressives are poison to liberty…

Friday April 6th Dr. Coffman   Plundered How Progressive Ideology is Destroying America is the title of the latest book from my guest Dr. Michael Coffman.  Global ownership and control of the world by a coterie of Zionist criminals and their frontmen … Continue reading

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh You humans just gots ta go…

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh  Hr 1  I discussed what was done to “Chicken Man” Andrew Wordes. On air today I inadvertently kept referring to him as “Chicken George”, my faux pas. You can read about what was done to … Continue reading

Monday April 2nd Mark Baker Pigs are an invasive species?? HELP WILBUR!!!

Monday April 2nd  Mark Baker Mark and Jill  Baker own Baker’s Green Acres. Their pig farm in Michigan is under attack by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) who claim the pigs they raise on their farm are feral and … Continue reading