Monday April 9th Thought crimes…down the rabbit hole we go

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Monday April 9th

 Zion Crime Factory was my guest today. We discussed The Bolshevik Revolution, who they were and why is it so few people know the truth.  We discussed Zionism. We also discussed those nations that have made questioning issues related to the Holocaust a crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.   Why would a nation lock up or fine people for their thoughts? Isn’t that odd? Are they afraid of something? What do you think that may be? Hmm.  George Orwell called  thinking or saying things the government deemed illegal “thought crimes”. I don’t think you should be imprisoned for your thoughts or words whether other people like them, or choose to believe them or they don’t. I don’t agree with everything my guests say, but they all have the right to say what they want and what they believe is the truth.

We discussed the Holomodor where  between the years 1932-1933 approximately 12 million people were starved to death in the Ukraine .  Most people never heard of it, yet millions died in just that region alone. Why do you think most people never heard of it?  Why was it left out of the history books? Is it because of who was responsible for it? I think it is.  Is there a correlation between starving people to death and what will happen here as farmers are driven out of business and their animals killed? I think so. Some may think that is far-fetched, but history repeats itself. Thought crime collectors

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