Thursday March 29th Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh In memory of “Chicken George”

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Thursday March 29th Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh

Hr 1 Bill Reil joined me to discuss the “law” and the myriad perversions of it. Actually, it’s not perverted, it’s ignored. The tragedy of the common man is the injustices leveled against him. Spike Lee inciting violence with his tweets…where is the equal justice? Why has he not been charged? Could it be because Spike Lee is black? Why have the black panthers that put a $10000 bounty on the head of Zimmerman, not been charged?

“Chicken George” as he was called became another victim of the commies who seek to destroy all of us. “George” RIP.

 Hr 2 Dr. Paugh joined me to discuss our money, inflation and the truth.

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