Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker A conversation about race…

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Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker

  Documentary filmmaker Craig Bodeker joins me to discuss his documentary entitled, A Conversation About Race which can be viewed here www.nclnow.org.   Craig decided to make the film in 2008, after hearing, then candidate Barack Obama talking about our failure to have, a “conversation about race”. 

 Rand Paul is having a tele-town hall tonight at 9pm EST.  The 1972 Clean Water Act gave the Environmental Protection Agency authority over “navigable waters”.   In 2011, the EPA quietly expanded the term “navigable” to cover virtually all US waters and further seized regulatory rights over most U.S. waterways.

 To hear Rand Paul discuss his legislation, the Defense of Property Act of 2012 (S. 2122), Here is the link to register for it.   https://registration.broadnet.us/event_registration.php?pid=266&fbs=_teleforum&sig=61244910dd7ce770198feef63e97d9c0d261c8d604b3972fe641ecae8605b81b





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