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Sunday November 13th

November 13th

Friday November 11th Chris Sullins Operation SERF

November 11th Chris Sullins My guest today was Chris Sullins author of the books entitled Operation SERF, and Horsemen of the Red Hand. He is former military with a keen eye for what is really happening with the OWS “movement”. … Continue reading

Thursday November 10th

November 10th

Wednesday November 9th Amanda Teagarden

November 9th Amanda Teagarden My guest today was Amanda Teagarden from She has a power point presentation and a PDF on her website with tons of info related to Obamacare, so check it out. Listen in as we also … Continue reading

Tuesday November 8th Shirle Pfister FACEOFF

November 8th Shirle Pfister My guest today was Shirle Pfister from the FACEOFF movement. She has been and continues to be a victim of the code Nazis in Pensacola Florida. There is no equal justice under the law. It’s an … Continue reading

Monday November 7th Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte

 November 7th Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte My guest today was Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte who is the author of the book entitled, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America which is available for free in PDF form here: You can also purchase … Continue reading

Sunday November 6th no guest

November 6th I had no guest today so I just talked to myself for almsot 60 minutes until my buddy Bill from NY called in to give his two cents. Listen in and you’ll be pleasantly amused, even if I … Continue reading

Friday November 4th William Taylor Reil

November 4th William Taylor Reil Bill Reil joins me again today to discuss the Committee of Ten and John Dewey. The Committee of Ten was a working group of educators that, in 1892, recommended the standardization of American high school … Continue reading

Thursday November 3rd Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

November 3rd Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss the “equitable distribution of teachers among schools”, smart meters and the “Baltimore Washington Cooridor”. UN Agenda 21 is the name of the game. You can … Continue reading

Wednesday November 2nd Greg Mumm Blue Ribbon Coalition

 November 2nd Greg Mumm My guest today was Greg Mumm who is the Executive Director of the Blue Ribbon Coalition. They have been fighting for access to “public lands” by the public since 1987. Their website is Check it … Continue reading

Tuesday November 1st Shaun Surplus

November 1st My guest was Shaun Surplus who hails from the land down under. He joins me to discuss a variety of topics.