Wednesday June 8th John Bush & Catherine Bleish Fusion Centers

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June 8th John Bush & Catherine Bleish

Fusion centers. Ever heard of them? Well, they know about you. Data collection, data mining, big brother is watching, listening and reading all about you.

John Bush and catherine Bleish join me to discuss Fusion Centers. What are they, where are they and whose idea were they? Have you ever heard of one? I hadn’t until a few months ago and only briefly.

On November 12th 2010 , several members of Operation Defuse appeared in an episode of TruTV’s hit show Conspiracy Theory. The episode, entitled “Police State”, addressed fusion centers, and their ties to FEMA detention camps. This episode was scheduled for re-air on November 19th, in advance of a new episode of the same program. Instead, TruTV aired an unscheduled reality crime show. Since this date, TruTV has removed it’s description of the “Police State” episode from Conspiracy Theory‘s episode list on their website, effectively removing all evidence that this episode ever existed from their website. There have been rumors that the producers of Conspiracy Theory have been pressured to remove this episode. Operation Defuse has contacted the producers on the subject and have yet to receive a response.



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