Friday January 28th Marc Rubin

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January 28th Marc Rubin

Dadaism. Few have ever heard the term, not a surprise. If you want to destroy Western Civilization you attack all aspects of the culture. The attack on the art of western civilization is called Dadaism. They say art imitates life. Destroy the culture and you will see “art” mimicking that destruction.

From the dada Manifesto:
Every man must shout: there is great destructive, negative work to be done. To sweep, to clean. The cleanliness of the individual materializes after we’ve gone through folly, the aggressive, complete folly of a world left in the hands of bandits who have demolished and destroyed the centuries.

 “What is commonly recorded as a short lived anti-art movement called DADA has in fact been a covert anti-freedom agenda. This movie will give you a basic understanding of the reality of the Progressive dada Political Movement. You will only need to look around and think about what you will see to understand its relevance in America today.

For nearly 100 years a political force has covertly invaded and gained control of the arts in America. When Tristan Tzara wrote his “dada Manifesto” (the entire document is posted below) the age of artistic invention started by the Post Impressionists has been under attack. Understanding the destructive goals of the “Progressive Political Dadaists” and their effects on civilization is paramount. Personal choice, likes and dislikes, sits at the core of humanity. Art is so much a part of our lives we often take it for granted. The goal of the Dadaists has been to degrade and demoralize the Fine Arts and replace them with political mantra. This is not an easy concept to wrap your brain around but it is the “Why and How” America has largely become a demoralized nation.

Basic Explanation: From 1800 to approximately 1977 the purchase of art in America was as common as buying food at the market. Art was seen as the starting point of personal choice. Art ownership was seen as the expression of the freedoms, rights and protections engendered in the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution separates America from all other countries.
In America, no one can tell you what art to like or prevent you from owning art.


What purpose can art have that a political movement would see as so important that it would seek to control art?

Art has been the unifier and identifier of human groups from the advent of civilization. Even our hunter gatherer ancestors created images on cave walls and cliff faces. They made talismans to identify themselves and their unique importance. When humanity settled and built cities the style of their buildings and the painted adornment they added to them became the identity of their unique group. Civilizations which lost their passion for art or had their art stolen or destroyed by other groups perished. The pseudo-intellectuals of the late 19th century and early 20th century were not attached to art until Tristan Tzara wrote his dada manifesto and joined them in 1918. These “Progressives” knew the power of the arts and were eager to adopt Tzara’s perverted ideas. They realized that over a long period of years they could covertly undermine and demoralize America through control of the arts. Political mantras are easily rejected if they are illogical and they had been unable to coalesce more than a fringe of society. The arts, painting in particular, strengthened individual thought, bolstered freedom of choice and embraced the traditions of family, integrity and religion. The Progressives needed to control those things to supplant their communo-socialist ideology in place of the U.S. Constitution et al.

Their perversion has been largely successful. They invaded the American education system and at large museum system. While they have been revising history to serve their political ends they have demeaned Fine Art and transformed public perception of it. What was once trusted or not based upon personal opinion is almost nonexistent. Instead, they have used their power to eliminate artistic progress and replaced it with demoralized untrained unthoughtful junk. That junk like Marcel Du Champ’s wall urinal which he renamed “fountain” have been pushed as great art. The result of their insidious silent invasion has given us perverse sex and violence on television and in movie theaters. Broken bits of factory made objects assembled to promote futility are called intellectual art. And most importantly, they ostracize beautiful art based in the tradition of moving forward from the past.

Art will always capture the imagination of humankind. Majorities of individuals, each with their own sense of uniqueness, will always coalesce around great art. The strength of our oldest common thread, Art, underlies the creation of this freedom loving country and its basis of responsibility and honesty. False ideas cannot be successfully propagandized in an atmosphere of individuality so the Progressives have created an air of distrust surrounding Fine Art. From the 1700’s to approximately 1977 owning art was considered as natural and commonplace as it is buy food at the market today….” Read the rest at

–Marc Rubin

  Marc Rubin


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