Monthly Archives: January 2011

Friday January 28th Marc Rubin

January 28th Marc Rubin Dadaism. Few have ever heard the term, not a surprise. If you want to destroy Western Civilization you attack all aspects of the culture. The attack on the art of western civilization is called Dadaism. They … Continue reading

Wednesday January 26th Replay Of Henry Lamb

January 26th Replay Of Henry Lamb Sovereignty Inernational

Friday January 21th Doreen Hannes

January 21th Doreen Hannes Truth Farmer

Wednesday January 19th Chuck Cushman

January 19th Chuck Cushman American Land Rights Association

Friday January 14th Dr. Stan Monteith

January 14th Dr. Stan Monteith  Radio

Wednesday January 12th No Guest

January 12th No Guest

Friday January 7th Terrence Gossett

January 7th Terrence Gossett  Californians for Property Rights Are you California dreamin’? Don’t be…the California Coastal Commission will have you on the rocks, not the beach. They’ve been kickin’ sand in the face of many a Californian for many years. And … Continue reading

Wednesday January 5th Devvy Kidd

January 5th Devvy Kidd